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What Should You Look For in a Security Company in Cambodia?

When looking for a security company in Cambodia, you have several choices. G4S, for example, is the world's largest security company with operations in over 115 countries and six continents. G4S Cambodia provides virtually every type of security product and service you can think of. From CCTV monitoring to armed guards, G4S Cambodia can handle your security needs. So what should you look for in a security company?


G4S Security Services (Cambodia) Ltd. is a leading global security services company with operations in 115 countries on six continents. With more than 600,000 employees worldwide, G4S is a leading security company with a strong client association. The company has a vast range of services to meet the needs of clients, and G4S Cambodia offers just about every security product or service you could possibly need.

The firm was founded in London in 1885 and is now the world's third largest private employer. It commands a force three times the size of the British military. William Langewiesche visited G4S' ordnance disposal teams in South Sudan and learned how dirty the job can be. He was shocked by the obscene level of control G4S exerts. The company is also a prominent employer in Cambodia, where it employs nearly 7,000 people.

Sim Kalyan

The General Manager of Global Security Solutions Co., Ltd., a part of the Royal Group of companies, is Sim Kalyan. He holds an MBA from Cambodia's National University of Management, a BAA from Vanda Institute, and a special diploma in small business from Georgetown University. He has over a decade of experience working in the security industry in Cambodia, and has previously held management positions with MPA International.

Armed robberies are common in Phnom Penh, and have involved lethal force. The local police are largely unresponsive to complaints about crimes against tourists and foreign nationals. Opportunistic crime is widespread in Cambodia, including pickpocketing. A recent report described one foreigner as having his or her bag pulled from a moving motorbike taxi. The local police rarely investigate such crimes, so it is critical that victims seek medical attention as soon as possible.


An ESS security company in Cambodia will have the latest electronic security solutions and highly trained security officers in place to protect your business. Security in Cambodia is becoming increasingly complex with the development of technology and the growing threat of cybercrime. Phishing is one of the most common threats, giving criminals access to personal information and organisation data. ATM skimming is also an increasing problem, so it is imperative to be cautious when using your cards, particularly in popular target areas.

ESS security services company in Cambodia has been operating since January 2013, and is cooperating with the Ministry of Interior and Sar Kheng for their high-quality services. They provide security services using modern technology and serve the public through the internet. The goal of ESS is to become the most professional security service in Cambodia, offering strong, forward-thinking solutions for your business. However, you should always be aware that ESS is not a security company in and of itself.


In 2011, the firm's founder, Prince, won recognition for his work in security capacity building, project implementation, and personnel management. FSG in Cambodia set up security training bases in accordance with the urban layout of the country, promoting industrial development and employment. In addition to winning the government's trust, the company laid the groundwork for providing comprehensive security services to more international investors and projects in the country. Prince was interviewed for the Financial Times and spoke about the company's work.

FSG is expanding into Xinjiang, a region of China dominated by the Uighurs. In March 2017, FSG announced plans to open an office in Xinjiang and appoint Lu Chaohai as Head of northwest regional operations. Lu previously served as Vice-president of the Xinjiang Construction and Production Corps, a paramilitary-cumcommercial organization tasked by the Chinese Communist Party with developing the Xinjiang economy. In addition to Xinjiang, FSG also has offices in Myanmar and Laos.

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